• Come and see us at our open evening on Monday 23rd September at 6pm - 8pm.  
  • Peripatetic Music lessons begin this week.  Please ask students to check the noticeboard outside M1 for their times of lessons
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Reports and Parents Evenings

Get the most from school reports on Go4Schools

Your child will have a school report at least once a year.  We publish these online on Go4Schools, therefore you must have activated your account to access this.   To get the most out of a report we suggest that you and your child spend some time looking at the comments together.

• read it carefully and note your child's strengths and weaknesses - work out what they need to do to improve in weak areas

• give praise when your child has done well, but for areas of concern agree on specific things that can be done to improve

• compare reports from year to year to highlight areas of improvement and concern


Make the most of parents’ evenings

 For parents’ evenings it pays to be prepared.

•  have a chat with your child before-hand to see what they believe to be their strengths and weaknesses at school

•  make a list of questions to ask teachers about your child's work, how they get along with classmates and their general attitude toward school

• try to identify at the meeting specific actions that you, your child and the teachers can take to help your child succeed