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"Love of

Religious Education


"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire"

St Catherine of Siena

Department Vision

Religious Education is central to life at Blessed William Howard.  It is about growing as a person within a loving and caring community, about asking questions and seeking answers. It is about being open to the possibility of God's love and the reality of his presence with us.

 We aim to provide all students with an understanding of respect for the beliefs of others. RE is centred on the person of Jesus Christ, his teaching, his work and his Church in order to understand human existence, human rights, peace, compassion and the harmony of all peoples.

 Religious Education at Blessed William Howard is about love of God, love of people, love of learning and ultimately, love of life.


Department Information

As we are a faith school, RE is a compulsory subject throughout the whole school. We explore all faiths, not just Christianity, giving pupils a thorough grounding in different forms of worship as well as wider moral issues.

The RE department is based in the main school building with 4 dedicated class rooms and regular access to the school chapel.

 KS3 and KS4 pupils have 5 hours of RE per fortnight.


In year 7 we study:

  • Community and Mass
  • The Bible
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Baptism and Confirmation
  • Judaism
  • Gospel Values
  • Lent and Easter
  • All I Am
  • Prayer

In year 8 we study:

  • Pilgrimage
  • Islam
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Creation
  • Mary
  • Paschal Mystery
  • Vocation
  • All I Am
  • Prophecy

 All KS4 pupils take a full course GCSE starting in Year 9, taking three exams at the end of Year 11. We follow the EDUQAS Route B specification which includes the units:

  • Origins and Meanings
  • Good and Evil
  • Life and Death
  • Sin and Forgiveness
  • Jewish Beliefs
  • Jewish Practices

 At KS5 A-Level EDUQAS Religious Studies is taught: Ethics, Philosophy and Christianity.

Latest Exam Results

 GCSE       73% A-C             21% A*/A 

A Level   100% A-E             60% A*-B


Senior Assistant Principal, with responsibility for Mission and Ethos: Mrs Duffield

Head of Department: Miss Melia    HME@bwh.staffs.sch.uk

Second in Department: Mr Scott

Teachers:  Mrs Chell and Mr Kelly

Lay Chaplain: Miss Brandrick

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